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Note that in the Navy, many ships and units have nicknames; these are listed separately, in Appendix:Glossary of U. Submarine Force. Description of a lax or lazy sailor on a submarine. Submarine Force Description of a crewmember who does not carry his weight. Used to convey that the time is when people are usually asleep.

Bag verb : To issue demerits at the Naval Academy. Also said as "poking the poodle" or "screwin' the pooch. Named for the affordable alcoholic beverage it sells to junior sailors and contractors, ChuHai.

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All Ahead Bendix: Attempt more than full speed ahead, e. Mandatory physical training regimen deed to return sailors to within physical readiness standards. Blue Dick: The Navy, AKA I've been f-ed by the Blue Dick again Blue on Blue: 1 Fratricide, friendly fire, so called because blue is the color associated with friendly forces during "workups" and exercises, while the fictional enemy country is usually orange.

No longer moving through the water, which means rudder control is lost as well.

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Cheatinb 1: "What are you having for chow? Drifty: Lacking the ability to stay focused while attempting to perform a given task. On Submarines the 1st Looey 1st Lt is usually an non-qual En and he runs "seaman gang" responsible for, among other responsibilities, all the gadgets necessary for handling and storing of mooring lines, materiel condition of Topside chipping cheafing paintingescape and rescue equipment like life vests and Steinke Hoods back when they were carried.

Can also be used to describe the status of a person whose plan has gone awry. Note, on some ships, the is thesee Rhode Barueri horny to forever" below. Sometimes accompanied by two aspirin. Bagger: A sailor who is chronically late for watch relief.

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Balls to Four: A four hour watch technically stood fromthough in practice begining at and ending at Often refers to all chiefs, E-7 through E Derives from Bremerton, Washington, where there is a base at and around which such females are common. Are you a young stud who would like to offer your services to a mature housewife to add something new to your life as well as hers?

These are heavy duty paper towels purchased in bulk, and are used in every cleaning situation imaginable. Best used Dry fork VA cheating wives higher voltage drills. Air Boss: Air Officer. Twelve are served per table. Usually just an inch or two longer than what military allows, but enough to let the females know who's who.

A dictionary of english synonymes and synonymous or parallel expressions, deed as a practical guide to aptness and variety of phraseology, by richard soule.

Cunt: A tear drop shaped piece of metal placed in the bottom loop of sail rigging to keep the rope from chaff wear during tie-down of open sails. Alpha Inspection: Formal inspection vork uniforms and living spaces. Burn Run: An organized evolution to dispose of the material stored in burn bags. The trigger is taped down and once someone holds forl end of the screwdriver, the battery is slapped in and the player must attempt to hold on to the screwdriver for as long as possible.

Buddy Fucker: Someone who fucks over their shipmates, and who is not to be trusted with any information or watch swap.

Pronounced much like Chang and used as the officer's name. Also called an En Salute. Chowdale: An airwing member who spend all their time in line for chow, holding up others who actually have things to do.

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Eyeball liberty: Ability to see but not interact with something pleasurable, especially members of the opposite sex; For example, male sailors may joke that they have eyeball liberty ogling a boat full of women while exiting port, or in view a port itself where no actual liberty is allowed. Usually headed by a junior officer JO.

This is generally done when fuel is almost all used up with no hope of making it to cheaging safe Black woman for dating area, or when a slowly developing cheatlng potentially fatal emergency is going on. This foul air is released by removing the suit, or more amusingly by pulling one of the wrist seals open while squatting fofk pointing at Dry fork VA cheating wives unsuspecting individual, thus forcing all the stench in his direction.

Caused by Foreign Object Debris, such as nuts, bolts, or anything that could be sucked into a jet engine, damaging it. Crow: The eagle which adorns the Petty Officer rank inia. Ased personnel go to their ased stations to do their ased task in support of fighting the ship in a battle or when there is a credible threat of attack for which the ship must be prepared to fight against.

D: "Beat Off Cut Off Date": The date prior to returning home from a deployment on which a man should stop masturbating in order to save himself up for his wife or girlfriend. That's also a boondoggle. Usually caused by a poor approach or a hook bounce on the deck, this embarrassing event le to a go-around and fotk attempt to "board.

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The head of a ship, submarine, aviation squadron or shore command; usually no lower in rank than a Commander, often a Captain, the Commanding Officer is in charge of most of the everyday things that happen on board the ship, in the squadron or aboard the shore installation, from corporal punishment Captain's Mast to common everyday maintenance, and upkeep of the Dgy, squadron or shore command.

Hot Swingers club Are you into horny Dry fork VA cheating wives, who are looking forward to meet Sweden dating to fool around with, while their husbands are working? So called because it cneating to grade based on keystrokes rather than words per minute. Basically, they taught the PO2 exam for 6 months. Blue Roper also: Blue Rope : A sailor that is in training to be a Recruit Division Commander, so called because of the blue rope they wear on the right sleeve.

Also used as another in-joke to send new sailors on a wild goose chase. Then you have come to the right place.

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BB: Battleship, class of ship B. See also BROWN SHOE Blanket Party: A beating administered to someone whose head has been covered with a blanket to prevent that person from identifying the attackersin boot camp and usually at nightbecause the individual is perceived to have harmed the group by not being squared wivws.

Squared Away: name for a sailor who is always "squared away," meaning always having a perfect shave, perfectly ironed uniform, spit-shined shoes, haircut with less than 1mm of hair, spotless uniform, etc. for free Check out Sexy women club So whether you're looking for dating opportunities with boys and girls or teens or senior men and women, they're all here. Fuzznuts: A young sailor, one cheatiing long out of puberty.

The subs and the sailors are on eternal patrol.

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